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Managers and personnel of Jam Energy Plateau Engineering and manufacturing of equipments Company after gaining years of experience in field of manufacturing of required equipment for Oil and gas and refinement and Petrochemical industry, decided by Localizing more manufacturing of required equipment for all Industries or supplying special items of the most creditable global source take a little step towards industrial development of the country.

Therefore, we try to set up mechanized production line of variety of items to not only  pay special attention to the issue of job creation but also by offering qualitative product provide  respectable employers consent more than ever.Fortunately, at the moment we look on several years of management and engineering experience in quality of Products,Because they believe insistently by applying correctly and effectively the main factors of production And important factors such as marketing method and many years’ experience of foreign trade, resolutely take effective steps and by offering qualitative product, competitive price and appropriate delivery time provide respectable employers consent more than ever.


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Lily Mostaghisi


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