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Quality Policy

Jam Energy Plateau Engineering and Manufacturing of Equipments  Company as the manufacturer of  Clamping items in the country and also suppliers of special required items of country industries ffollowing objectives in order to enhance customer satisfaction that  is the ultimate goal of any firm As its quality policy adopted and all managers and staff resolutely in order to achieve these objectives will be implemented at their best:

  • Improvement and innovation through the use of modern processes and technology
  • Promotion and development of suppliers as business partner
  • Improvement the company’s performance, especially aspects of commodity prices, timely delivery and quality products through philosophy sovereignty of continuous improvement and public participation
  • Instituting preventive proceedings rather than corrective action utilizes the tools and techniques of quality ( APQP ,FMEA ,…)
  • the establishment and getting a certificate of ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 29001 and requirements of the customer
  • Exporting product to the abroad and importing certain items of quality of creditable global source
  • obtaining standard of National Iranian Standard Organization for all products
  • Increase customer satisfaction through continuous monitoring and handling the customer complaints and suggestions
  • Creating diversity and develop new products with the increase in engineering power
  • All staff are committed to working in order to achieve the above objectives and management through management review ,analysis of firm-level data, Control engineering results and determination of management representative , and also define and control the business plan of the company to understand and follow the policy objectives of the organization will ensure.

Managing director and member of board of directors